Hotel Azov Riviera — it is the best rest in Kirillovka

What is the rest in Kirillovka? It is the pure heated-up southern sun sand of the Azov beaches. The evening walks barefoot along the coast when the cool air blows, and sea water has still taken the heat of half-day. Contemplation with anything an incomparable decline, sitting at a cup of coffee on a terrace of cozy cafe. Morning bathings in the tender water of the Azov Sea, when gentle sunshine give to your body beautiful suntan. The air mixed with aromas of motley grasses of the Taurian steppe and a saltish sea breeze.


Kirillovka is also the number of attractions in the largest in Europe Aqua Park and a Delphinarium. It is also adrenaline of windsurfing, kayting and big tennis. Dances in night clubs till the morning. New acquaintances, interesting actions and the fun.


You will get the opportunity to get the real rest in Kirillovka visiting the “Azov Riviera” hotel, located in the center of Kirillovka! Our trading hotel complex hospitably has accepted the first guests in 2009, and for only some resort seasons “Azov Riviera” has become one of the most popular places for rest in Kirillovka. And that is why.


We offer to have a rest in a family way

It takes you only 20 steps from our hotel to get the pure free sandy beach washed by transparent waters of the Azov Sea. Water here gets warm quickly, thanks to a flat bottom. A paid beach with a playground, children's roundabouts, water attractions, the animator and hire of beach stock. It is really hardly to find something better for family rest than our hotel, so don't doubt.


And the prices for rest in 2016 in our hotel are available to everyone.


The rest at our place is really comfortable

Our hotel is one of the few in Kirillovka that really has the right to be proud of the maximum comfort. You can reserve any of 14 cozy numbers with the European design, systems of climatic control, refrigerators, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi and other conditions which will provide you the comfortable rest.


Into hotel structure also enter: “Fishka” cafe, “Tokio” sushi cafe, 2 all-day food shops, pharmacy, playground, sun tanning bed, tennis court, parking, Finnish sauna.


We assume all cares, and you need to enjoy rest.


It is interesting at our place

The hotel “Azov Riviera” is located in the center of the Kirillovka resort, between the market and the Amusement park. Nearby there are all main centers of entertainments of the Kirillovka resort: an Aqua Park, a Delphinarium, horse theater, restaurants and the night clubs — everywhere it is possible to get in 5-10 minutes measured walk.


“Azov Riviera” is sports-and-leisure center

You will find big tennis court with a professional soil covering, sparring partners and the personal trainer. Water-skiing, windsurfing and kayting schools — all these sports directions are best presented in Kirillovka.


It is too tasty here

The “Fishka” cafe is a place where it is possible to have a rest and get unforgettable meals, outdoors guests can find dishes of the Ukrainian and Mediterranean cuisine with emphasis on fish and seafood. Culinary skill of our cooks was highly appreciated by everyone who once stopped at us on rest.


For fans of the dishes prepared on open fire, there is an extensive grill menu. Here opens the bar with a wide choice of elite drinks, the Crimean wines and draft beer. On the terrace there is the cafe of 2 level, here is always a cozy atmosphere and freshness of a sea breeze. Here it is possible to hide from midday summer heat, and in the evening, to take pleasure in a sunset over the sea, to taste dishes of the European and Mediterranean cuisine, original cocktails and noble alcoholic drinks.


The separate menu is developed specially for small guests of hotel “Azov Riviera”. In cooking we use exclusively fresh and natural products. Therefore a food in our cafe is not only tasty, but also useful.


It is up-and-up place

The territory round the hotel and parking is under protection. You can quietly have the rest in our hotel in Kirillovka, knowing that nobody will disturb you.


In our hotel “Azov Riviera” each guest of Kirillovka can take pleasure of excellent service, home-style cozy numbers and the remarkable atmosphere of hospitality. This is the place where it would be desirable to come back again and again.


If you look for really the best rest in Kirillovka, the hotel “Azov Riviera” is of what you always dreamed about!


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